Wedding Hashtag Ideas & Steps

Wedding Hashtag Ideas & Steps

So you recently got engaged and now with other hundred things to decide the age of social-media, had included one more! Not that we are complaining but deciding your Wedding Hashtag ain’t easy…

It’s fun and entertaining way, not only to collect all your wedding pics at one spot but to engage your guests from the beginning to end.

Our Hashtag was #MehulKiAnu, it was simple yet super catchy and the way we posted and placed it everywhere not only our wedding guests remembered it but there were instances even after months of our marriage that people came and asked me “Are you MehulKiAnu?”

And of-course, after putting so much of an effort in your wedding you want it to be remembered and Hashtag makes it possible.

  • Try coming up as early as possible with the Hashtag, so that you can post your engagement picture already with the tag.
  • Hashtags can be used by the people who were not invited for the wedding or couldn’t make to the wedding to catch up on the action.
  • Remember you can use it even in your honeymoon pictures, and on second thought for lifetime!

Create your Own Wedding Hashtag

1- HashTagGenerator Or Friends-

If you’re the one who is not creative or you don’t want to put your Brains on Hashtag. The easy way is to use one of the many HashTag Generators or just put a post on your social media account and ask your friends or family for help!

2- Write it Down-

Write down everything which you think might add to your hashtag like

  • Both Name & Surname
  • Both Nickname
  • Wedding Date
  • Wedding Season, like Spring, Winter
  • Wedding Place (if you have a destination wedding)
  • Theme of your wedding (if you have any)

3- Use your Native Language

As we used “ki” in our hashtag #MehulKiAnu, try and use any of your language to make it more catchy and easy for your guest. Use a word from Punjabi or telugu along with your names or nicknames. Think and Jot it down.

You can even use your name initials, our second option was #AMforever

4- Personalize it

If you already have something from your love story, great use that. May be the way you met or something you do together or the way everyone remembers you both. For example- Sonam Kapoor Chose to use her love story Hashtag #EverydayPhenomenal and Bipasaha Basu used #MonkeyWedding as per theme.

5-Make it Memorable and catchy

Don’t use any complex words. Make it super easy and catchy so that your guests can’t resist themselves from using it.

Try to use Rhyming words, puns, play with words.

6- Security Check

That’s the headline cause you should now check all the hashtags that you have short-listed on social media and avoid the one’s which are already use and then pick your favorite.

7- Capitalize the initial

Don’t make it confusing, capitalize the initial letter of each word.

8- Spread the love

And now when you’re ready with your Hashtag, let the world know. Incorporate it anywhere and everywhere possible, especially in invites & social media platforms and send reminder message even after wedding.

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