Shein v/s Romwe India | Are they legit? | Review & Tips

Shein v/s Romwe India | Are they legit? | Review & Tips

I know you have been flooded with Shein or Romwe ads after they have made their entry to India… But can you trust buying from them? If, Yes which one to buy from? I had been asking the same questions too, a few months earlier and now I have an answer after trying them both for a few times now…


She in Cover Page 2018

As the tagline suggests Contemporary Women’s Fashion at affordable prices and its True.

So if you wonder where to get the dress your Fashion Idol is wearing from? You should probably check Shein. If not the same you’ll surely get something similar. If it’s on Trend, it’ll surely be on Shein and moreover, it won’t burn a hole in your pocket.


1- Very affordable price for Clothing, Accesories, Shoes.

2- Vast Range of Products.

3- Return Pickup is available (Intially you had to courier but now they have started pickup).

4- COD is available (At extra cost).


1- Shipping is free but above Rs 1800 (they keep changing the amount).

2- Quality for all the product is not good (Read the tips below, how to find a good product).

3- Sizing issue (All clothes have different sizes).


Romwe india 2018

Romwe is quite the same as Shein, in the matter of products. Both the sites have trendy and fashionable products with similar terms of return.


1- Cheaper than Shein (Most of the Products)

2- COD is available (at extra cost)


1- No Return Pickup (Biggest issue)

2- Shipping is free above Rs 2600

3- Very Few Reviews of products, as compared to Shein.

4- Quality and Size of all the product is not same.


1- Compare & Buy– Both Sites usually have same items, so once you select your item just search by the name in the other site and you might find it in much lower price. (I usually select at Shein and check it in Romwe before making payment and often find it at a cheaper price in Romwe & sometimes its not available at Romwe). The quality is probably the same.

2- Reviews- Always read Customer Reviews, As this sites have hit or miss items. Not all the product are the same as in the picture so read reviews and check the pictures there. If there are quite a few and good reviews, then you can surely buy it. And if there are no reviews, don’t worry you can return the item πŸ™‚

3- Size Guide- Always check size guide. Each item has a different size guide. One top might be a Medium size and fit you whereas other won’t. Even for this you can check review and see what other user suggests in true to size comment.

4- Discount codes- Every-time there is one offer or other going on both the sites, so either check it on their homepage or google it. There is always a first user discount, so you can use a different id for the 2nd time if you can’t find any other code πŸ˜‰

5- Express Shipping- Try and get express shipping, so you get the parcel early. Express shipping is free above a certain amount (which is mentioned on the checkout page)

6- Return- Both accept Returns, but you have to raise a ticket for it and if you want the refund in your Bank account, you have to mention the same either in ticket or mail. If nothing is mentioned Refund will be processed as credit in your respective account.

So in Conclusion, Yes you can buy from both the sites securely with the above tips πŸ™‚

I have ordered Dresses, Tops, Skirts, Earrings, Sunglasses from both the sites and even processed return easily.

Happy Shopping…

Let meΒ  in the comments, if you have any other query.

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