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Anmeh Koh samui Couple BloggerHi,

Welcome to our Blog!

We are Anu & Mehul, a married Indian couple who met for coffee and decided on forever! Oh, it was the old fashioned way (arranged!).

We are here to share our interest in Fashion, Travel, Food, Wedding trends, Personal style. In short a normal couple daily outlook with few advice’s and hacks!

We are not the blogger who left everything for traveling, but yes we are here to inspire you how to include more of traveling in your normal routine life and more about our lifestyle.

So peek into our world through Anmeh.

All posts are written by Anu, whereas the Photography and proofreading are done by Mehul.

We are not the perfect Human beings or a Perfect couple, but on our path to be… So join us for our Life journey!


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