Koh Phangan (Half Moon), Koh Samui- Everything You want to know

Koh Phangan (Half Moon), Koh Samui- Everything You want to know

Koh Phangan

The island is known Worldwide for its crazy Party especially the Full Moon Party. As its once in a month and if you can’t plan your vacation around it don’t break your heart cause there is Half Moon Party as crazy and as wild as the Full Moon but more safer. Click to find the dates for Full Moon Party and Half Moon Party.

As mentioned in our Bangkok post, we wanted to party and heard so many stories about Full Moon Party that we wanted to attend it but our anniversary date wasn’t falling along the Full Moon Party so we thought to skip Koh Phangan and started the search for more parties places in Thailand, that’s when we came to know about the Half Moon Party.

About Half Moon Party

It’s once in a lifetime Experience which happens every 2 weeks in the tropical jungle on an island. The Party is organised by an event company and takes place in a confined venue in the jungle in Baan Tai, unlike Full Moon which is non-organised and free-to-all. The Party Starts at 8 PM and goes until after sunrise. Entry ticket is for 1500 THB (including a free drink & Tax) which you can pre-book online on their site or can buy directly outside the festival.

Half Moon Festival Koh Phangan
Half Moon Festival


There are 3 stages

  • Main Stage- Where Dj’s play mainly electronic Music, We loved the music in this place and it was the biggest setup.
  • G Floor- Dj here plays Psy-Trance, not our taste so we didn’t spend much time here and the crowd here is quite less compared to other two stages.
  • The Cave- Dj here plays commercial Music, we loved it but we had to leave as it’s in tiny Cave like structure  and it was overcrowded.

You can check the list of Dj’s playing at the event night on the booking page after you click Buy Tickets.

The Crowd is a super good mix of backpackers, hippies… You’ll meet people from all around the globe there. Everyone is in jovial mood and are there for a good time.

Crowd at Main Stage Half Moon Party
Crowd at Main Stage

Things to know before you go to Half Moon Party

1- You can find a local taxi, which charges person wise and during the festival, everyone is going there so hop on anyone and the price is 100 baht for one way. Even while returning there are lots of taxis waiting outside and they will charge the same.

2-Before Entry there are few shops for Tshirts and other quirky stuff which you may like to pick. There are many UV light body painters and the range starts mostly from 300 baht for painting one small part of your body, do bargain here. (The prices for stuff and body painting is higher inside the festival)

3- There is a strict checking at the entrance, and no liquids or drugs are allowed (Thailand Govt is very strict about Drugs)

4- There are two bar counters, one for free Drinks and other paid; and few food stalls but you won’t get any Vegetarian options. There are clean and proper washrooms.

5- Half Moon Party is safe, secure and very well organised.

Water Shooters at Half Moon Party Songkran Festival
Water Shooters at Half Moon Party

Best Part of our Party- As the event was just a few days before the Songkran Festival, the half moon organisers were giving away water shooters and it was so much fun shooting water at everyone while dancing and getting involved in water-fights with others.

We enjoyed the party till 5 Am until we couldn’t stand anymore and came back with lots of memories and hope to return back 🙂

Half Moon Party Shops
Shops at Half Moon
Neon Tiara and Cap at Half Moon Festival
Neon Tiara and Cap at Half Moon Festival
UV Body Paint at half moon
Face Paint

How to Reach Koh Phangan

To Reach Koh Phangan you have to take a ferry either from Koh Samui or Surat Thani, As our flight was from Bangkok to Surat Thani, we took the ferry from Surat Thani To Koh Phangan.

Surat Thani to ferry port is an hour drive so while booking make sure you book for the bus too or else you can get the booking done (for both ferry & bus) in the airport itself for the same price or less but we pre-booked as we didn’t want to take a chance. From Phangan to Hotel you can easily get a cab again for 100 Baht/person. We booked our ferry and bus from Ferry Samui as it gave us various time slots and best price.


Koh Phangan has lots of Hostel options which most of the travellers prefer but we didn’t want that and we were there just for the party night. We knew we won’t stay in the hotel at all. So we wanted a budget hotel, but near the ferry port and near the half moon festival cause that was only two destination we had to go. We stayed in Phangan Island View.


We didn’t find a lot of Veg options here but fruits were readily available and even seven-eleven stores. We found a pure Vegan restaurant in Zomato and went there but didn’t like the taste at all. Thank god for Ready to eat packets!


Koh Samui

Couple Shoot Koh Samui

Couple Shoot Koh Samui
Koh Samui


Koh Samui is travellers Paradise, Beautiful Day & Night… The Beaches are Serene, with so many things to do and places to visit. It offers something to every traveller either seeking luxury or adventure. You are on your Honeymoon, or Solo trip or on Family Vacation you can surely visit Samui.

From the hustle and bustle of Chaweng Beach to a happening Bophut Fisherman’s Village or the Calmness of Lamai Becah, the variety is what makes Koh Samui the most unique island in Thailand.

Places to visit in Koh Samui

1- Ang Thong Marine Park

Its an archipelago of 42 islands. This tour offers beautiful island view while sailing at crystal clear water, island hopping, hike to the emerald green lagoon, snorkelling in clear waters, Kayaking around caves and breathtaking beach view. Its a day tour and we Pre-booked our tour from kohsamuitour. Always book speedboat as it takes 45 mins to reach the island v/s the slow boats which take 2 hours. Carry an extra pair of clothes, swimsuits, sunscreen and beach towel.

Emerald Lagoon, Ang Thong
Emerald Lagoon, Ang Thong
Ang Thong, koh samui
Ang Thong


2-Bophut Fisherman’s Village

It’s one of the best places to visit in the evening. A lovely and chill atmosphere with lots of restaurants, pubs, shops, street vendors. We loved CocoTam’s, where you can sit on the beach take a sheesha or a drink and admire the lovely sunset.

3- Chaweng Beach

Its the party hub in Koh Samui, you can wander around the street, do pub hoping, or shopping. The best place to party on the Beach at night is Ark Bar Beach Resort in Chaweng. You can just take your recliner and place an order and chill or dance on the floor. They also have amazing Fire Shows arranged by the local artists. Few vendors wander around for henna, or to sell small items, or carrying reptiles (EWW!) which you can touch or get pictures clicked.

4- Wat Plai Laem & Big Buddha Temple

This both are Buddhists temple with Big statues and Modern architecture. Both the temples are nearby and worth going if you like doing touristy things. The lake in Wat Plai Laem is quite big, beautiful and peaceful and you can feed fishes there.

Wat Plaei Laem Koh Samui
Wat Plaei Laem
Wat Plai Laem Lake Koh samui
Wat Plai Laem Lake
Wat Plaei Laem
Wat Plaei Laem
Big Buddha Temple, Koh Samui
Big Buddha Temple

Other Places you can visit-

  •  W Koh Samui, its woo bar is quite famous for its insta worthy photos.
  • Niki beach pool party, its the best in the island
  • Massage Parlors, you will find lots of them in Samui and all of them are open until late at night. They are super good and super cheap.
  • Adventure Sports sites.

Bike Rental in Koh Samui

The best decision of ours was to rent a bike in Samui. As Samui Local taxi is quite expensive and you won’t find them everywhere. As we were there for 4 days, it was economical, easy & fun. Renting a bike is easy, you will find a lot of rental shops near your hotel for around 300 baht/day. The Vendor would only ask for your Passport as a security against the bike.

Bike Rent Koh Samui Thailand
Rented Bike

How to Reach Koh Samui

You can arrive at Koh Samui directly through Flight at Samui Airport, or through Ferry at different Ports. As we Came to Samui from Phangan we took a ferry. We booked our ferry from Ferry Samui. Be sure to include your transport from the port to your hotel, as it’s air-conditioned & cheaper than negotiating with taxi drivers at the port.

Ferry Ride Koh Samui
Ferry to Koh Samui

Where to stay in Koh Samui

We got that answer after lots of research and we believe its Choeng Mon as it’s in the middle of Chaweng and Bophut and that’s the area you want to visit the most. We stayed in Deva Samui Resort & Spa, it’s in Choeng Mon.


For Vegetarians, there are quite a few options in Samui, but they are all spread out you don’t want to travel just for food so it’s better to carry some with you or have fruits. There are lots of Indian Resturants in Chaweng area. We liked the food in Curry Pot India restaurant.


Have you been to Half Moon or Koh Samui… What are your thoughts?  Do you want to know anything else… Please comment and let us know.




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